Forsythia Pruning The Right Way

The majority of people do not know how to trim the famous flower called Forsythia. It is believed that this is the most badly trimmed plant around. The reason for this is that the gardeners are not allowing it mature enough. Instead, they attempt to cut it to keep it small in size. Fact: Nature has its own way. Plants develop to a genetically designed height and width.

With the plant Forsythia, it is designed to grow seven to ten feet. But the majority of people only plant them allowing them to grow up to about 5 feet. Bad pruning habits tend to make this really beautiful flower ugly. To prevent this from happening, select the right spot for your shrub. This will allow it to grow into its full size. Good pruning habits will allow it to grow beautifully and looking healthy.

Steps in Proper Trimming:

  1. Do not cut off the plant just to keep it smaller. Cutting it off is a bad habit. All you have to do is to cut the size of some of the tallest sticks close to the ground every year.
  2. Trim out dead sticks and get rid of any rubbing branches growing from outside toward the centre. After that, you can trim out sticks from the middle of the plant to open it up.
  3. Trim branches growing or hanging close to the ground.
  4. Get rid of about one-third of the old growth. By doing this, you will allow the plant to have some space. By this, you will be able to keep its natural form.
  5. If the plant is really in a bad shape, trim the entire plant to the ground during winter. This will help you have new canes growing from the roots and a new plant will surely be blooming soon.

When to trim this plant?

According to some articles, you should only trim the plant after flowering. Trimming your plant on a yearly basis and done during late winter or possibly early spring before the plant blooms will surely be of great help. By this time, you will see the structure of the branches and it will be much easier for you to trim it.

Well, it is possible that you will lose some flowers, however you will do a better task of trimming. You can also cut some branches and put it in a vase and force it to bloom. This will enhance your indoors by having a touch of spring inside.