Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?

You’ve likely been bombarded with advertisements for penis enlargement products on television, in magazines, and even in your local convenience store. If you’re like most men you’ve almost certainly wondered whether that stuff actually works because even if you’re happy with your penis size you wouldn’t mind a bigger one.

First, the average penis size is 4-6 inches when erect. If you’re within that zone you don’t really need a bigger penis. Most women don’t need anything larger to feel the proper pleasure. Heck, most women can’t get off on penetration anyway. It’s all about friction on the clitoris and your penis isn’t helping with that, your pelvis is or her fingers are. If you’re in the average zone and you’re so unhappy with your penis that you’re considering spending large amounts of money on a penis enlargement solution you’re probably better of making an appointment with a psychologist for a chat about your possible penile dysmorphic disorder.

If you’re below average or you’re just curious, read on. There are several different types of penis enlargement and we’ll start with the penis pump. This one is a classic and has been around forever. You put the pump on the penis and the pump actually sucks the air out of the container. That has the effect of drawing more blood to your penis – read the article. When you’re done you clamp the penis with a tight ring and that keeps it bigger. Unfortunately, if you wear that ring for more than 20 minutes you risk serious problems. The male enhancement is little more than a temporary solution and you can try it for free to avoid disappointment.

Penis enlargement exercises and devices are very popular. The exercises usually involve tugging on your penis for 30-60 minutes a day and require that you do so without being erect. That will be a challenge for some. The devices have to be worn for hours at a time. The problem is they don’t really work. Doctors say it’s possible that you can stretch your skin a little bit but the size of your erection will not grow. The chambers of erectile tissue are not going to get bigger. Plus, all of these devices come with risks that could send you into expensive and painful surgery just to repair your penis so it works again.

Pills, supplements, and creams are probably the most popular penis enlargement option on the market. Sadly, they have even less chance of making your penis grow than the first two options. It’s like taking vitamins and expecting to get three inches of length added to your penis? Does that make any sense? If this was possible wouldn’t a pharmaceutical company have patented and marketed a drug a decade ago? Instead they might give you more energy and make you feel a little better on a daily basis. That’s nice but it’s hardly worth what they charge.

The penis enlargement surgery is really the only option that works. You can lengthen and widen the penis with surgery. The lengthening comes from cutting the suspensory ligament. That holds some of the penis inside the body and if you cut it more of the shaft protrudes outside the body. However, to stop the ligament from attaching again you’ll likely need to put weights on your penis for six months. You can widen the penis with a tissue graft. Tissue is taken from donor cadavers and implanted into the penis. It doesn’t last forever though. The surgery can be exceptionally expensive though. If you want the widening it can cost up to $20,000 and the lengthening can be $5,000-10,000. It comes with tons of risks too, including that the penis can actually get shorter if scar tissue pulls the ligament further into the body.

Every man wants a bigger penis! Our article will attempt to answer your questions about whether the popular methods of penis enlargement actually work.

At the moment there is really no good way to effectively lengthen your penis. Only 35% of patients that went in for penis enlargement surgery were satisfied with the results and 50% went on to have more surgery. Even the most effective method hardly gives people what they want. It’s a booming business but science says that you’re better off learning to accept the length of your penis than you are investing in ways to enlarge it.