Sex Counseling – Can it Help?

Though it can be a very powerful way for a couple to bond, many couples are struggling to find satisfaction in sex. This is usually due to a lessened sex drive in one or both of the partners.

There are many reasons that sexual appetite can decrease, the foremost being age. However, there are other reasons, and these can be addressed, and even solved for the most part.


Mental ailments such as depression and anxiety can drastically decrease the sex drive both directly and indirectly. Seek medical help if these or any related disability is coming between you and your partner.

Medications can also unbalance hormones and other bodily chemicals and hurt the sex drive altogether. Again, discuss with your doctor your prescriptions and other pharmaceuticals.

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One of the most common killers of libido is stress. Stress will put your body in survival mode where it focuses on survival rather than pleasure, or even reproduction.

Learn to take time to relax and solve stressful situations. Also make sure you’re getting enough sleep, which not only can relieve stress, but the lack there-of can on its own weaken the sex drive.

Alcohol and other drugs will hurt your appetite for sex as well. Not only do they damage your body, but will harm the mind which is where your sex hormones are processed.


Since healthy sex can strengthen a relationship, it can be very frustrating when relationship issues get in the way of sex. Be open and communicative, and discuss and resolve any bones that you have to pick.

Physical distance can also damage a sex drive. Take time to be alone together, even if it is just for an evening. Not every intimate moment has to be spent having sex.


Some of the most hindering situations to sex can the personal issues that someone can harbor. If someone has poor self-esteem in their body image, they aren’t going to want to share it with someone else.

Obesity can not only hurt self-esteem, but leads to stress and other health issues that directly hurt the libido. Erectile dysfunction is another medically treatable condition that can hurt a man’s self-esteem.