What is the need for penis enlargement?

Some men suffer from a disorder known as Erectile Dysfunction abbreviated as ED. This is a condition in which men face problems in maintaining an erect penis through the stage of orgasm or find it impossible even to get an erection. Hence as a corrective measure, there are methods for penis enlargement- both temporary and permanent surgical methods.
What are the methods adopted for temporary penis enlargement?

A lotion that has its main ingredient as Arginine can be applied on the penis to make it appear comparatively huge in mass. Pills such as Cialis, Viagra can also be used by men that will take effect in half an hour and make the penis long, thick and erect. A few exercises meant for the muscles in the penis will also be of help.

Are there techniques for permanent penis enlargement?

Yes. There are surgical methods that can be adopted for permanent enlargement of the penis. The success rate is not so high (site) and it has been reported that more than 70 percent of men who have undergone this surgery have ineffective results. The permanent methods for enlargement of the penis include the use of implants that can be fit in the groin and these can inflate the penis increasing its length and width.

What are the devices that can help the penis long and huge?

Penis can be enlarged by creating a vacuum condition around the penis that will allow more blood to flow through the penis. This can be done with the use of penis pumps also called as the vacuum pumps.

Rings that can be flexed and worn around the cock of men are called cock rings and they are widely used to maintain an erection that has been achieved for a longer time, for multiple orgasms or for a longer period of masturbation.
A specific device that will make the penis longer is called an extender and works by applying constant strong pressure and massage that is gives to the muscles in the penis making it harder as well.

What are the side effects of using penis enlargement techniques?

Some exercises that help the penis grow in length and width can have adverse side effects. It can lead to bleeding through the urethra. Depending upon the exercise and the condition of the individual, it can also be a cause of permanent dysfunction. Penis enlargement pills that are used for an extended period of time can give way to erect penis that lasts for more than four hours causing acute pain.